I just returned from 6 days of cranial sacral therapy

at the Ricky William’s Upledger Clinic Concussion Pilot Program in Palm Beach Gardens, FL on 7/19. A total of 5 of us former NFLers underwent 6 – 7 hrs/day of intensive hands on interactive therapy.

We each had 2 – 4 therapists at a time working on us, focusing on deep tissue and visceral manipulation, cranial plate manipulation, vertebral realignment and an number of other non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatments to increase cerebral/spinal fluid flows. By the second day my serious tinitis was gone, as were my constant headaches from my 9 VP shunt brain surgeries. I know it sounds like hocus pocus, and believe me, all 5 of us questioned it, but by the second day, we were all were looking at each other at dinner with serious WTF looks.

I have had borderline or high blood pressure since I was 19 in college, and have been on high blood pressure meds off and on from my mid 20’s to present. At the end of the treatment my blood pressure was 116/72. Anytime I’m under 140/90 I’m doing good. I have never been under mid 120’s or low 80’s.

If anyone can make it to the clinic I would highly recommend it. It literally was the first time since my first brain surgery in 81 that I have actually received treatment, other than life saving brain surgeries. – George Visger


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