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The Visger Group           Short Choppy Steps

Bringing awareness to concussions and traumatic brain injuries To educate all athletes, players, parents, educators and business on the impacts of concussions.

Project Description

 Quotes from people who previewed the film:
“This could be the most important football film ever made.”
“It may be the most terrifying film a parent can watch.”
“Gladiators is image rich, poetic and musically lyrical.  Michael Manring’s music is hauntingly beautiful.”  
“Finally, a smart football film that doesn’t just blindly support football.  It asks the tough questions we all are afraid to ask and respectfully weighs the game’s short-term benefits vs its long-term health costs.”
“The film hits the brain injury risk issues HEAD-ON.”

Project Details

  • Date January 24, 2015
  • Tags Concussion, Head Trauma, NFL, TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury
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