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Bringing awareness to concussions and traumatic brain injuries To educate all athletes, players, parents, educators and business on the impacts of concussions.

Project Description

Out of my head

Out of My Head

George Visger, a member of the San Francisco 49er’s first Super Bowl Champions in 1981- 1982, has lived with a shunt in his brain ever since as a result of the many concussions he sustained during his football career.  Despite suffering fro “water on the brain” and impaired short-term memory, be became a wildlife biologist, a prominent figure in the fight for fair treatment of retired players by the $10-billion-a-yeaer National Football League, and advocate in solutions to the American football concussion crisis at all levels.

This is HIS remarkable story

Project Details

  • Date January 7, 2013
  • Tags Concussion, Head Trauma, NFL, TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury
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