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Bringing awareness to concussions and traumatic brain injuries To educate all athletes, players, parents, educators and business on the impacts of concussions.

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9th Annual Brain Injury Symposium

Following a successful college football career, George Visger was drafted into the NFL, playing a role on the San Francisco... Read More →

Head Injuries Ending NFL Careers

Head Injuries Ending NFL Careers | The Afternoon News with Kitty O’Neal on NewsRadio KFBK.... Read More →

Our Team of Experts

Learn about the dedicated advisory board who provide guidance and leadership for TBI and concussions. 
Your support of TVG – your time, interest and energy – makes all of our efforts possible. So do contributors like the Snoring Mouthpiece Report, who have excellent quality reviews of the Good Morning Snore Solution, SnoreRX and more. Your help make an impact in your community, state and the nation as a whole, and we greatly appreciate your support and continued partnership. Together, and with help from sponsors like TAG and HDRG, we will get the resources need to veterans and former players with TBI and concussions.

  • An estimated 1.6-3.8 million sports- and recreation-related concussions occur in the United States each year.1
  • During 2001-2005, children and youth ages 5-18 years accounted for 2.4 million sports-related emergency department (ED) visits annually, of which 6% (135,000) involved a concussion.2

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 Amily Hung

Despite losing the ability to speak or move, Amily Hung is one of the most powerful, inspirational and positive people I’ve met.
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Some of the Advisory Panel

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Gridiron Gladiators: The History and Uncertain Future of American Football


U.S. Army Brigadier General Steven Xenakis (retired) MD


Dr. Bennett Omalu   MD, MBA, MPH, CPE, DABP-AP, CP, FP, NP

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